Rebirth Of Queen

by Eboneé A.D

+++++ Eboneé Said 2012 Rebirth Of Queen LP 


released 22 November 2012 

Clergy Sounds. 

Brandon Davis bassist on "Worship". 
Shard Williams drummer on "Untitled". 
Grandma , Mommy, Morgan, Amber M. , Obii Say, DenoGreen, Lee Campbell, Oobergeek 

Production by: 

Jon Bap--------Worship, Figures, Episodes, Medicine Man 

Oobergeek-----Intelect Only, Bleep 

TheSEVENth----Flip the 3rd 

Lee Campbell--26, New Know Too 

Sango Beats---Czar 

Eboneé Said---Untitled, New Know Too, 26, Je Vois La Lumiére 

Mixing by: Jon Bap, Oobergeek, Lee Campbell, TheSEVENth